Heritage Consultants for UK Wide Projects

It is especially relevant as an integrated Town Planning and Heritage Consultancy, that we are able to bring our experience, expertise and knowledge to bear on a wide variety of planning issues connected with heritage. Due to Townscape’s heritage consultants having vast experience of dealing with all aspects of our historic built environment we are extremely confident in our high quality services. We also focus on changes to or within the setting of listed buildings and new development in conservation areas.

As can be seen, our Heritage Consultants services include:

  • Heritage research, advice and strategy
  • Heritage Assessments of heritage significance, setting and impact
  • Environmental assessments and listed buildings planning applications
  • Heritage representations, expert witness and appeals.
  • Development and master planning

We can also support you with strategic heritage advice on:

  • Conservation area appraisals/Character studies
  • Buildings at risk strategies
  • Heritage lottery funding application rounds 1 & 2
  • Conservation Officer locum support
  • Management plans and community involvement

In addition, you can read about some of our heritage consultancy projects are described on Townscape’s news page. Furthermore, if you have a specific question regarding  your UK heritage building project or town planning project, then you need to speak to an expert heritage consultant. Therefore, please phone 07583 152 804. or email us info@townscape.org.uk

Finally, have you got a question about our heritage consultancy service or a particular project?
To sum up, you can get expert advice by getting in touch now by completing the form here: Contact Townscape.

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